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This concept started about 2 years ago. At the time we didn't have the capabilities or resources to make it. Nothing seemed to work out at the time so we prolonged it and worked on other projects. Then early 2009 we decided to have another go at it and things just seemed to fall into place this time.


We love Goofy, and A Goofy Movie. It is such a big factor in our childhood.

Yes, but why shot-for-shot?

We approached this project as if Disney or any other client came to us and said, "This is what we want made, DON'T DETOUR FROM IT!" In our minds the director was really the group that made it years ago and we were the crew.

Why does the girl have no belly button?

Actually, the cartoon girl doesn't have a belly button´╗┐ either. We took all´╗┐ details into consideration and thought it would be funny.

She wears a white leotard and we digitally colored it to match her skin color.

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